Awaken & Grow Through the Seasons

How to Navigate Your Life with Clarity & Spiritual Connection and Transform Your Life Experience

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I love love love this program and the growing awareness of our connection with all aspects of the Universe! - Cappy

I love love this programme too. I feel a beautiful connection with the moon and love how we connect more deeply with the Earth. - Radha

Every month there is no shortage of happenings from which we can learn and explore our own life lessons.

I have wanted to put together a group program, but couldn't find the 'right' focus. So what did I do? I asked Spirit to guide me in creating something that would create the container and viola! Awaken Through the Seasons evolved.

I'm so excited about this program because it helps to bring your conscious awareness into your everyday experiences and will connect you more deeply with the rhythm of Nature, the cycle of the seasons, the hallmark moments like the Solstices, the Equinox and the Full and New Moons, plus hone in and give you insight into what's going on month-to-month AND support you in energetically shifting, creating and growing in your own conscious awareness.

The Program

This monthly program will help you to awaken to a deeper connection to your own Spirit.

We will work month-by-month using seasonal holidays and hallmarks to focus your Spiritual growth work and help bring in you into alignment with your true self.

Throughout the program, you will learn how to use countless energy tools that you can apply to all areas of your life.

True to working with me, we will also do work right in our class space.

The Program Structure

Class Space:

Each month we will meet on the 1st Tuesday of the month at 7 PM ET

Please allow up to 2 hours for each class. Class will range between 90 minutes and 2 hours.

We will be working with several of the tools that make up The Awaken Method during this program: Grounding, Alignment and Clearing.

This will be our core space to work from.

You will grow more, healing more, expand more, experience more if you commit to sit in this space daily from 30 minutes up to an hour.

You can do this program and not commit to this, but just know, you will deepen your growth and experience if you do.


We will meet via Zoom Video Conference. During our monthly class, I will give you an over of what is happening energetically for the month, some key areas to be aware of and ways that you can use the energies that are in play for each month. This will include the Full and New Moons and any other planetary activity that is occurring (like eclipses, retrogrades etc.) We may also look at the calendar dynamics for a certain month – for example for November we might explore the energy of gratitude and for February we might explore love.

Solstices and Equinoxes:

We will meet at each Solstice and Equinox. In some cases the class will be right on the event, in others, it may be prior to if there is information within the class that you need to prepare for. For example, for the Summer Solstice, we will explore the Labyrinth energy, how to create one and most importantly how to site one (which requires the Summer Solstice.)


In addition to our monthly class and the Solstice and Equinox calls, I like to add things as we go. You can expect to be invited to events on FB Live - we meet for the New Moon, Full Moon and additional FB Lives like 11:11, 12:12 and 1:11 meditations. We are always using the energies around us to help us deepen our Spiritual Connection.

And in 2018, I've arranged for a surpise monthly offering - becase that's just the way I am :-D


Classes (Monthly & Solstice/Equinox) will run live via Zoom video conference. You can join via your computer or call-in. There are international numbers available for calling in, but any telecommunications fees assessed by your phone company will be your responsibility.

Whether you are calling in or joining via your computer, it is helpful to be ‘hands-free’ as we spend a majority of our time with our eyes closed doing energy work.

All classes will be recorded and available to you on your Awaken & Grow school dashboard. The program recordings will be available for you for as long as you are a member of the program.

Additional offerings are typically done through FB Live on our group page.These can be accessed via the group page as archives.

The program is a full year.

You may renew at the end of your year.

The program has a rolling start date, meaning you can join at any point.

You do not need experience to join this program. Students will be at various levels in their awakening.

Schedule and Topics (subject to change)


January: An Overview of What the Earth will be working on in 2018 and in turn, what we will be working on.

February: Giving and Receiving

March: Spring Cleaning

March: Spring Equinox – Tuesday, March 20, 2018

April: New Growth

May: Expansion

June: Summer Solstice – (early – date TBA)

July: Freedom

August: Lion’s Gate

September: Autumnal Equinox – Saturday, September 22, 2018

October: Ancestral Lineage & Past Life Times

November: Gratitude

December: Winter Solstice – Friday, December 28, 2018

Additional dates may be added as happenings occur.

The group has a private FB page where periodic FB Lives and discussions happen.

This program is great because I'm feeling for myself that connecting to the earth and planetary forces is important for me to grow into my spirit more. I've been getting many signs for this and its time to take it on!-- Amanda

Your Instructor

Christine Agro
Christine Agro

Christine Agro has been helping people create lives that they love for almost 20 years now. She has a unique gift of being able to see everything as energy, and through that gift, helps people understand how and why their lives unfold as they do, plus offers tools that when used, create real and positive change.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
This program has a rolling start date, meaning you can join at any time. Your program is a year-long program, which starts in the month of your first group class. So if you sign up in November and the group class has already happened, you're program officially starts with the December group class. You will have access to the monthly classes from your program for as long as this program is running. You may re-enroll for as many year-long programs as you wish. You don't have to stop after your year is finished. The work evolves with is and will always be taught in present-time.
Can I get a refund or cancel my payment plan?
Once you agree to participate in the program, that seat is taken. I do not provide refunds or cancel payment plans. You are making a commitment, an agreement to step into this work. The payment piece is the exchange of energy. Fear makes us restrict and constrict, which stops our growth. I encourage you to reach out to me if you are struggling during your program. If you want to set up a conversation with me before you sign up, I'm always happy to do that. Please visit this link to set up a time for a free conversation and we can talk about the program, what you are working on and how you'd like to grow and see if this program is a fit.

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